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About Allen Greene Home Inspection
 Allen Greene has been in the home repair and remodeling business for over 25 years. Mr. Greene has experience in every aspect of home repair and remodeling. His training started on the roof and migrated to interior and exterior water damage. He started his career in Malden, MA working on three-story homes and moved to Virginia in 2001 to continue his business as a home repairman and remodeling specialist mainly in the Smithfield area. Age, courage and his vast knowledge of home repair has helped him advance into the next level of his career. Hands-on home repairs, education through InterNachi's home inspection training courses and passing the national home inspectors exam have prepared him for this moment. While working on needed inspections, Mr. Greene took time out to attend a 35 hour inspector training course held at the InterNACHI school taught by two Certified Master Inspectors in Boulder, CO. 


"We have known Allen Greene for fifteen years during which he has done a number of projects on our fifty-year-old home. We live on the water with a low-slope roof facing the river and have had leak problems for years until Allen replaced the shingles on that section with roll roofing on top of a sealed membrane. The roofing color matched shingles on other parts of the roof is well-finished and flashed (chimney with saddle). Mr Greene also replaced gable vents and repositioned roof vents to improve attic ventilation. We've had no leak problems since the roll roofing was installed.

This is only the latest project after others, such as decking, fencing railing, gutters, plumbing, painting, electrical, in, around and under the house. He is prompt, professional, flexible, industrious, courteous and thorough. Our only regret is that as his inspection business flourishes, we will not be able to call as often on his expertise and problem-solving talents."

Jim and Margo V., Smithfield, VA 23430
Sample Inspection Report

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